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Through his office window, Bob Welch can see the Capitol building.  More importantly, he watches what is going on inside the Capitol for Wisconsin FORCE.  Bob keeps us informed, lobbies for us and has helped make Wisconsin FORCE a name in the Capitol.  Bob has been a huge asset for our cause.  His daily monitoring allows him to contact us with anything that may have even a remote implication on our efforts.  This allows us to stop or influence bills or rules before they are introduced. 

Many times people in government who have good intentions do not realize that what they are proposing may have unforeseen consequences, and they can be reasoned with before precious time and money are spent.  With Bob as an integral part of our effort, we will continue the huge success that we have seen since 2007.

With your support, Wisconsin FORCE will continue to ensure that you are represented and your opinions heard. 

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Wisconsin Firearm Owners


Michael Stewart


 Wisconsin Firearm Owners



Dear Wisconsin Legislator:

As the leader of Wisconsin’s premier pro-second amendment organization, I ask that you not sign on as a co-sponsor to so-called Gun Safety and Gun Owner Accountability Act being circulated by Senator Taylor.


I will walk through each component of the proposal and offer our comments.


No fly, No buy (LRB-0315/1).   We can all agree that terrorism is at the top of the list of concerns in our country.  We live in a dangerous world and, as citizens, we must be ever vigilant of this grave threat to our sovereignty


However, by taking away our citizens’ rights based solely on an accusation is an extremely dangerous precedent to set.  You see, taking away someone’s Constitutional Rights of firearm ownership without due process is essentially the same as pronouncing them guilty of a crime that they have not even been charged with!  This also opens the door for, simply an accusation of someone based upon their religion, political beliefs, ethnic background or even mistaken identity. 


In fact the No Fly List which has been flawed since its inception during the Bush administration.   In 2004 the ACLU filed a nationwide class-action challenge to the No Fly List, in which they charge that "many innocent travelers who pose no security risk whatsoever are discovering that their government considers them terrorists – and find that they have no way to find out why they are on the list, and no way to clear their names.”  Furthermore in 2010 the ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf of 14 plaintiffs challenging their placement on the No Fly List.  And on June 24, 2014, a U.S. District Judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs saying that air travel is a “sacred” liberty protected by the U.S. Constitution and ordered the government to change its system for challenging inclusion.

I hope that we can agree that the No Fly List is, at best, a flawed system that has been plagued with mistaken identities and an abuse of power.  


Improving standards for concealed carry (LRB -0310/2).  This proposal is simply a State-mandated training requirement in order to carry a firearm.  I agree that firearm safety and training is a great standard in which we should all live by.  The single biggest flaw in having this as a mandate means that the law may serve to protect the criminals and not the potential victims of violent crimes.  At times of life and death decisions, any delay in the innocent person’s means of self-preservation will actually put the perpetrator of the crime at an advantage.  Most people have never imagined themselves being stalked, harassed or victimized.  Thugs don't wait for hapless people to take a training course.  I wish we could mandate such legislation and still preserve our citizens’ constitutional rights – but that is not possible. 


Additionally, I can personally attest to the fact that conscientious, law abiding people will voluntarily seek training on their own and the training they receive will be much better than any of which would be mandated by the State.  The national statistics support this, period.


I would like to suggest that if we want to ensure Wisconsinites have training available and accessible that we join with our association to work to support strengthening our state’s firearm ranges and clubs through Range Protection laws.  There is a huge assault on shooting ranges and it is imperative that we work together to protect them and keep them open, as this is where training takes place.


Providing recourse for gun violence victims (LRB-0311/1).    Mandating that a law abiding citizen must obtain insurance is just another infraction of our rights and does nothing more than provide a revenue stream to insurance companies.   Again, this is something that is available to those that choose to carry through organizations like the NRA.   The thugs, drug dealers, and criminals will not follow this law any more than they will follow the laws that are already on the books.  Law abiding concealed carry holders are not the ones causing the “anguish” in Milwaukee.


Aiding authorities in solving gun crimes (LRB-0312/1).  Microstamping is another one of those “great in theory” ideas that cannot work and will not protect the innocent.  Microstamping has not yet been perfected and is easily defeat-able.  There are millions of guns in the United States that have already been produced without microstamps.  Furthermore, nothing prevents the bad guys from corrupting a crime scene with a pocketful of someone else’s spent casing.  And most crime guns are stolen anyway.  Furthermore, the microstamp will wear down in time.  It is also possible to hit the edge of a firing pin with a file, canceling out the microstamp in a matter of seconds.  Firing pins are also very easy to manufacture and replace. 

I would like to point out that every new handgun manufactured and sold in the US already includes a spent casing that was fired from that gun with each sale.   With the millions of dollars spent on maintaining the spent-casing database it has proved to be a non-factor in solving crimes and many of the states have dropped out of the system.

Assault Weapon ban (3781/1).   It has been said many times, but must be said again.   A semi-automatic weapon is not a machine gun; it is nothing more than a gun that shoots every time you pull the trigger.  Nearly every pistol, many shotguns, many hunting rifles are semi-automatic – and for most people these will be the safest firearms to operate.  An “assault weapon” is defined in this proposal as being mainly related to appearance, but would end up banning most commonly used pistols and many otherwise ordinary hunting firearms.

The introduction of this bill would take Wisconsin in the wrong direction and would not work to protect those that have a constitutional right to self-protection.  Taken as a whole, this legislation would not protect the innocent and would actually give the bad guys the upper hand.


Thank you for your consideration.

Michael Stewart


Wisconsin Firearm Owners

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  • April 24, 2015 12:41 PM | Anonymous

    48 Hours

    Tuesday, the Senate voted to repeal the unneeded 48 hour waiting period on approved handgun purchases.  Wisconsin FORCE and the NRA was there for you.

    Wisconsin Knife Laws

    Yesterday, no action was taken on a bill to cleanup Wisconsin knife laws.  Wisconsin FORCE has been working on this prior to the passage of concealed carry, including talking to Doug Ritter and Todd Rathner of the nation’s KnifeRights organization, and was just working to introduce a bill when Representative Kathy Bernier introduced a bill.  Representative Bernier was very open to working with us on making this a good bill.  Wisconsin FORCE put her office in contact with KnifeRights, and Todd testified with us yesterday.  Both sides of the aisle on the Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety were in support of this cleanup, and we are working to come forward with a great bill.    


    Wikipedia defines knives as: A knife (plural knives) is a cutting tool with a cutting edge or blade, hand-held or otherwise, with or without a handle. Knife-like tools were used at least two-and-a-half million years ago.  Originally made of rock, bone, flint, and obsidian, knives have evolved in construction as technology has, with blades being made from bronze, copper, iron, steel, ceramics, and titanium.  Knives could be considered humankind's first tool.  A statement of how often knives are used every minute of every day is not needed - it is limitless.

    Sadly, irrational fear, perpetrated by the media and entertainment industries, often drives poor legislation.  In the mid 1950’s, the media focused on gangs and switchblades, and in 1957, Westside Story served to scare normally rational citizens into thinking that a ban was needed.  Wisconsin fell into that trap in 1959.

    Use, not design, defines a weapon.  When the intent is to harm or defend, the list of everyday, commonly known items is limitless.  From coffee cups to charge cards, canes to hammers, use, not design, makes almost anything a weapon.

    Unlike common items such as baseball bats, knives have common, limitless, useful purposes, used by people every day. 

    The fact that opening any knife will never be as fast as the more common fixed blade knife, needs no explanation.  Carrying a knife that needs to be opened in many cases is necessary or desirable to allow the efficient, practical use of this indispensable tool.  Currently, there is confusion on the legality of many knives currently available and carried daily.  Knives that open with the assistance of gravity or spring tension greatly aid users that cannot open them due to physical disabilities such as arthritis or are hampered by the need to use both hands to open them.  Having an easily opened tool can greatly improve productivity.  In emergency situations, one hand may be incapacitated or may be needed to safely hold a person or item that needs to be released such as cutting the safety belt of a car accident victim.

    It is time to remove unnecessary restrictions, including preemption, to ensure that Wisconsinites are not burdened by irrational laws enacted many times by emotion in political subdivisions.

    Wisconsin FORCE believes that passing legislation, including amendments, removing emotional restrictions on humankind's first tool, will greatly serve the citizens of Wisconsin.

    Madison and Wisconsin FORCE

    It is a never ending battle in Madison.  Anti-Freedom politicians are ALWAYS looking for ways to chip away at our freedoms. 

    Senator Dan Hansen is currently looking for co-sponsorship of a bill to require background checks for all firearm purchases.  This bill generally prohibits a person from selling or transferring a firearm unless the sale or transfer occurs through a federally licensed firearms dealer and involves a background check of the prospective transferee. 

    They are trying to “sell” it by exempting a transfer that is by gift, bequest, or inheritance to a family member and temporary transfer for a lawful purpose such as hunting or target practice.  Those two exemptions will make the bill totally ineffective and only burden law-abiding citizens, and set the ground work to make it “more effective by registering all firearms and eliminating exceptions.

    We need your help!

    Donate:  Propose your club joins Wisconsin FORCE, upgrade to a Patriot club, and make a club donation.  Encourage your friends and family to join Wisconsin FORCE.  Have them go to www.wisconsinforce.org for membership applications.


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  • February 27, 2015 8:12 AM | Anonymous

    Working with John Commerford, NRA/ILA, Jeff Nass spoke for Wisconsin FORCE in favor of repealing the 48 hour waiting period for handgun purchases (Assembly Bill 49) in front of the Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.  John and Jeff testified that it is time to reduce the burdens placed on small business and law-abiding Wisconsinites.  Passing this legislation would greatly serve the citizens of Wisconsin and gun shops across the state. 

  • December 31, 2014 11:30 PM | Anonymous
    We put together an eight page pamphlet of what Wisconsin FORCE does and why you want to join.  Click here to view a copy.
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